Especially for the students of SMJK Yu Kajang
and all students in Kajang, Selangor and Malaysia


How to submit an assignment given by a subject teacher?

1. Browse the  URL 1BestarinetNet as shown below;

2. Login to 1Bestarinet by using your Student ID and Password

Student ID and Password can be retrieved from

a. Physics Lab 1 & 2 Computer

b. My Room PC. Let me know if you forgot or lost you VLE Frog information.


This is in a form of PDF File for download. The list of names will include classes 4A to 4F (2015)

Keep the password confidential. The PDF File is password protected.

You will notice numerous assignment from subject teachers requesting you to submit your assignment. An example is shown above.

The assignment above is a BUBBLE MAP SUBMISSION

You have to click the link in blue and proceed to execute the assignment. Assignments can be in numerous form.

The above assignment is a graphic or picture submission. Do your work in Microsoft Word or Any graphic drawing software. Then cut the graphics with Windows Snipping Tool. Save the picture in your local drive.

After clicking the assignment, you will be shown an assignment table. Some assignment issue dates have lapsed. You should be able to submit even though the date of submission has lapsed. Look for the BUBBLE MAP SUBMISSION.

Click on the text  BUBBLE MAP SUBMISSION to proceed to the drawing dashboard.

The best way to complete this assignment is

1. Prepare the BubbleMap using Microsoft Word

2. Cut the Graphic using Windows Snipping Tool found at the Accessories Folder of Win7 or Win8

3. Save the graphic using any file name. Graphics should be residing in memory. The last graphic processed will be pasted on the text box

4. Press the Left most icon that will show a Pop Up , "from Word". Click the icon and the last graphic file in memory will be pasted

Click "Submit Activity"

I will receive the assignment submission almost immediately on my PC.

Marks will be given.


When your work is completed, click the Complete Assignment Tab to submit the assignment. You can continue to work on your assignment as long as you have not pressed the Complete Assignment Tab.

The icon Paste from Word is on the top left rows of icon shown. This icon should paste any pictures or graphics that reside on your pasteboard of windows. Therefore, when you snip any pictures from the internet, powerpoint, doc file etc etc, it is saved in pasteboard. Use the icon above to paste it on your activity sheet,

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